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How To Fix Credit

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How To Fix Credit


how to fix credit

Credit Dept Repair

This is not an age old question but it is one that is being asked by more and more people everyday.  With the recent shift in the U.S. economy, tens of thousands of hard working families have been negatively affected and want and need to know, how to fix credit.  One of the easiest ways to repair credit fast is if you have revolving debt like on credit cards, just to pay off those balances.  

Let’s say you have a Bank of America bank card with a $5,000 limit and right now you have $4,500 charged on it. Well one of the simplest ways to boost your Fico score is to just write a check to Bank of America for $4,500 and pay off you credit card.  However if you could do that you probably would not be reading this now, correct?  So I’m going to combine two popular subjects today.   How to fix credit and Repair my Credit Report.    

Good Credit Rating Straigt Ahead

Repair My Credit Report

There is another technique you can utilize if you are unable to pay off that credit card balance.  Did you know there is a certain percentage of your revolving limit you should be using on a monthly basis?  Here is why.

The Fico scoring model rewards you if you use your credit responsibly.  There are a lot of numbers and ratios out there but what I have found is that typically you will want to keep you revolving credit card balance to 3 – 7 percent of your total limit.

For example, if you have a $10,000 credit limit, the guys from yesterdays credit world would say you would want to use 30 – 50 percent because that would show the credit bureaus and credit card companies that your using their credit.  They are making money off you and you are paying your bills responsibly.  This philosophy has never helped me repair my credit report and is exactly why you need to raise your credit score fast.

Repair My Credit Report Facts: The Fico’s scoring algorithm hits you negatively and impacts you negatively when you have too high of a revolving balance. In fact, when you pull your credit scores from my Fico dot com, you will see a section there where it talks about your balances being too high to your limit.

What happens if you have a card with $10,000 limit and you owe $7,000, $8,000, or even $5,000, you’re getting close to your limit. You want to keep your balances close to about 3 – 7 percent. Of course at certain times throughout the year that’s just not possible.

I know your like, hey man 3 – 7 percent?   I need to use these card more than that!  How is that going to help me repair my credit report?  Remember this is exactly what were talking about here.  How to repair your credit report and getting your scores as high as possible.  I know that at times there will be things that come up that make your revolving balance go up or down.  But we will approach this being practical so don’t worry you can still repair your credit report and you can scale it up or down to whatever fits or meets your needs.

Can a Regular Person Like Me Repair My Credit Now?

Well you want to know how to fix credit and repair credit report?  Here’s one of the easiest methods I used to raise credit score fast. Using this method is making Fico’s Scoring algorithm work to your benefit.

Increase your Fico Limits! I know that sounds great but work with me for a little bit and I share something with you here. But this only works if you have not been late on any payments within the last 6 months. You can’t be late for your payments.


I’m not talking about the ol’ make a payment within 30 days kind of late.  I’m talking about making your payments on time meaning if it’s due on the 15th, make your payments by the 15th and not on the 16th.  Also you must not exceed your credit limit.  If your balance is $10,000 you must not exceed that $10,000.

Now here we go. If you have a $10,000 balance on your charge card with Visa or Wells Fargo. You simply call them up, go through the customer recognition, and tell them, something like, I’m doing some traveling this week, or I’m trying to take the family on vacation and I would like to increase my credit limit.

Now if you have been a good customer. You haven’t been late or gone over your credit limit. So typically they will always grant you that increase.  They always say something like, what would you like the credit limit to be? I always like to tell them at least 100 percent of my credit limit.  In our example we have a $10,000 limit so I would tell them I would like would like to have a $20,000 limit.

Get Good Credit Rating

Now they may or may not grant you that 100 percent increase. But 9 times out of 10 they will grant you a 50 percent increase of your credit limit.  In fact, to repair my credit report, I was calling these credit companies every 6 months to get those limits raised up.  Hey guys, that’s how you get those higher credit scores raised up by having larger credit limits. It doesn’t cost you anything but here is where this works.  Here is the real secret on how to fix credit.

By you getting the approval to raise your credit card limits, you’ve changed your ratios now. So again in our scenario before we called them we had a $10,000 credit limit and we had $5,000 charged, we would be at 50 percent of the limit of our credit limit, follow me? If you increase that up to $15,000 now gone from a 50 percent utilization to a 33 percent and that instantly changes your Fico score.

This may not be the quickest way to repair credit fast but it surely can increase your credit score sometimes from 15 – 55 points for some people.  Its a free way to get your Fico score up, and by doing this long term because you are building those credit limits methodically every 6 months. That’s how you get those $20,000 $25,000 $50,000 credit limits. And that’s how you get into the 800 club with the Fico scoring model.

Cheap Credit Repair

So when we talk about how to fix credit this is something to think about.  In fact it’s something to use because it works very successfully.  I just caution you against going out there and spending all that extra credit limit you have because it’s not free money!

Now sometimes the bank may deny you and that’s ok.  You can either wait another 30 days or I know people who hung up and called right back and got another person on the phone and that other person gave them the credit limit approval.

I often get this question.  I want to repair my credit report, if I call the bank will it not show up as a credit inquiry and aren’t credit inquiries bad?  Well the answer is yes to both questions.  It will show up as an inquiry but since they are already doing business with you it is not an inquiry for new credit.  It’s more of what is called an account review or an soft inquiry.  Much like when you pull your own credit reports, it doesn’t show up as a hard inquiry and you don’t get penalized for it.

Rebuild Bad Credit

When a credit card issuer, any bank or institution you already are doing business with and they have an account with you, pulls your records, it’s considered a soft inquiry and it does not affect your credit.  Obviously they’re going to look at your scores but your already working and developing and implementing strategies to repair your credit and get those scores raised up.

So these are some basic fundamental steps anyone can use to repair credit fast and efficiently and as I stated before its not exactly the quickest for the most part its not exactly the a way to repair credit fast but believe me, I had to repair my credit report too and this really really does work.

So in summary of how to fix credit if you want have the good scores were talking about, your going to have to get that credit increase.  To do that:

  • You can’t be late
  • You must pay on time,
  • You can’t go over your limit.

How a Simple 3-Step Do-It-Yourself  Repair My Credit Now System Can Save You Hundreds – Perhaps Thousands!

Increase Credit Score Quickly


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