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Free Credit Repair Software

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Free Credit Repair Software


Before you run and get some free credit repair software, I must warn you.  Some free credit repair software can do you more damage than good.  I personally know someone who at the time did not know what I did for a living and attempted to repair his credit report using awful free credit repair software.   I was not surprised when he told me after he submitted his dispute letters, he received a letter back from all three credit reporting agencies well within the 30 day requirement telling him his dispute was validated and they considered and the closed.

If my friend had knew at the time, some but not all free credit repair software, can hurt you more than it will help you.  So with that been said let’s move on.

Check Your Credit Report Routinely

Check Your Credit Report Routinely

In order to analyze these discrepancies, you do not necessarily have to hire a credit repair company while adding to your monthly expenses, but can download free credit repair software instead, and work on your credit rating from the privacy of your own home.

What is Free Credit Repair Software?
This software platform is available from a number of companies, and each version provides the same ability: analyzing of your credit report.

The software allows you to load your credit report directly into the system, and will access each entry to highlight the negative reports in an effort to dispute them immediately. The software will provide you with professional credit dispute letters, track the notes and responses and deliver reports and forms for your personal use.

Voted #1 Best Credit Repair Program

You can automatically track the paperwork submitted to creditors, create follow-up reminders and back-up your progress so you know where you stand at all times. The goal of the software is to provide you with a personal credit disputing service that can be used from the privacy of your own home, so you can work on improving your credit profile at your own pace.

Credit Sharks

Credit Sharks

The software also allows you to understand your credit rating more accurately, without feeling overwhelmed by the process. You can pick and choose which negative entries to tackle, or dispute each at the same time to get ahead of the negative reporting structure. The process is easy to understand, and even easier to use.

Another great attribute of credit repair software is that individuals have been using it with great success for years, and will certainly have tips outlined online that will help you get the most of the program.

Using free online software, you are able to access the inner workings of credit repair agencies, without paying the monthly expense that goes along with their services. You will receive the same direction, and professionally drafted dispute letters that will allow you to get ahead of the credit curve to increase your overall financial viability.

Credit Sharks Mad About Fico Law

Credit Sharks Mad About FICO Law

A vibrant and positive credit report will allow you to borrow money or be extended credit at lower interest rates, which will only save you money in the long run. Going forward, you can use the software as a maintenance application that will allow you to ensure your report is in tip top shape at all times.

With some of the more effective credit repair software you will find you have an vault of knowledge to further educate yourself on the various techniques use by credit repair professionals and even the best credit repair company out there. You may begin to repair and rebuild not only your credit, but also your life.

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Voted #1 Best Credit Repair Software

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20 Responses to “Free Credit Repair Software”

  1. vic mar says:

    what would be better, if you show us where to get Credit Master, Stoner

  2. JackedUpOnTheJuice says:

    Yes where to we get the program from?

  3. ufunnyguy911 says:

    ya I agree!

  4. kidsjjkd says:

    where can you purchase the software

  5. Mike Stoner says:

    The program is available for no charge at the link in the description area.

  6. angel santos says:


  7. Bdawgs19 says:

    How are we suppose to know this isn’t something that steals our info and it
    sends a log telling you our personal info and make peoples credit that
    already bad and make it worse? j/w?

  8. Mike Stoner says:

    It’s offered free to drive traffic and hopefully people will click on the
    adsense ads on the page. If they do Google pays me a small amount for each
    click. Search youtube for google adsense and it will be explained.

  9. haweye79 says:

    How many items should you question at one time if you question to much wont
    this just throw it out??

  10. Mike Stoner says:

    The number of items diputed doesn’t make any difference. I have disputed as
    many as 15 items at a time. If there were more to dispute I’d do that too.

  11. Mike Stoner says:

    Try rebooting you computer. If that doesn’t work let me know.

  12. WILLIAM ALLEN says:

    Where have you been all my life? I can’t believe how great this is!
    Thank-you! This may give me a chance to turn my life around!

  13. Michael Walker says:

    When I add a person it comes up with an Error unhandled exception Error?
    tried rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling same thing using Vista

  14. Ricky Watson says:

    Software will not allow me to put the same account in for a different
    credit bureau. What can I do? Or is it possible? The Credit bureaus
    addresses are wrong also.

  15. buildrealcredit says:

    I was looking for videos on credit repair that actually show you how to
    repair your credit yourself, but have just found the same info you could
    read for free credit repair exposed. On October 27th 2010 these credit
    repair can not accept any money till after they do what they promised. We
    offer Build Real Credit software that will help you raise your FICO score
    by repairing your credit report and settle your debt.

  16. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    this looks like a kick ass program. seriously. Whats the update on it. I
    know this was like 3 dam years ago but whats up? Can I buy this software?
    are you on CNET?

  17. Mike Stoner says:

    @WonderWomanFan4life No need to pay for it. You can download it free at the
    link in the description.

  18. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    @mikestoner kool….thanks James!

  19. oat5090 says:

    @mikestoner can i use this software to start a home based credit repair

  20. oat5090 says:


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